Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

  • Stream : Veterinary Science    Duration : 2 years
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Course Description

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

What is Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector?

The Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector is a two- or three-year diploma programme. It varies depending on the specialization chosen. It is a full-time programme that focuses on providing students with hands-on experience in animal care.


Students will learn how to inspect cattle for diseases to comply with rules and regulations and avoid the spread of exotic pests and diseases. Animal diseases and injuries are diagnosed, treated, and researched. Veterinarians who work in research and development, livestock inspection, or pet and companion animal care are prepared through this course.

The students get an in-depth knowledge of Livestock management (cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, horse & camel), Elements of animal body function & structure, Artificial insemination, Animal feeds & feeding & forage production, Veterinary first aid and disease prevention, Poultry keeping through this course.


A Veterinary Livestock Inspector's job is part of the larger group of veterinarians. Students must attend lectures and conferences to continue their studies. They learn how to collect body tissue, faeces, blood, urine, and other bodily fluids for inspection and analysis. They also know how to educate the public about diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Students learn how to inspect animals to detect and diagnose illnesses or injuries. They teach people how to care for sick or injured animals by providing medications, setting bones, healing wounds, and performing surgery.


Eligibility Criteria Required for Admission in Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

  • The candidates interested in doing a Diploma in Veterinary Livestock course must pass the 10+2 Exam from a reputed board having Bio / Maths/ Physics /Chemistry and English as their major subjects. They must have given this course with a minimum of 50% score.

  • For Sc/SC students, relaxation is given, and students with a 40% score can also apply.

  • The lower age limit is 17, and the upper age limit is 21 years of age is required.

Benefits of a 
Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

  • They can inoculate animals against diseases like rabies and distemper after completing the course.

  • Students can use diagnostic equipment such as radiography or ultrasound machines and interpret the images that generate.

  • They can also offer advice to clients regarding the deaths of their pets or euthanasia decisions.

  • Provide animal owners guidance on hygienic measures, food, general care, medical issues, and treatment choices.

  • They can train or supervise employees that work with or care for animals.

  • To discover the causes of animal fatalities, conduct postmortem examinations and analyses.

  • Plan or carry out programmes for animal feeding or reproduction.

Future Scope of 
Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector 

  • Act as Director of operations of animal hospitals, clinics, or mobile farm services.

  • They can deal with various animals or focus on a specific species, such as horses or exotic birds.

  • To detect infectious diseases, inspect and test horses, sheep, poultry, and other animals.

  • Animal testing is used to study the effects of pharmacological regimens, antibiotics, and new surgical methods.

  • Look into diseases that animals may be prone to.

  • Utilize mobile clinic vans to conduct business.

  • Students can apply for bachelor's courses like B.V.Sc. or other related programs.

Career and Job opportunities after 
Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

  • Students with a Diploma in Veterinary Science and Animal Health Technology may work in various settings, including government and private veterinary hospitals, veterinary polyclinics, dairy farms, poultry farms, and more.

  • They can open their private practice or business. They can help veterinarians or scientists with their studies. They may pursue a career as a teacher.

  • Wildlife sanctuaries and dairy farms are the most popular places to work in this industry.

  • Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, the State Animal Husbandry Department, Animal Research Centers, and the Ministry of Agriculture are involved in animal husbandry and fishing.

  • The average salary of a fresh aspirant varies from 12k to 25k monthly.

Fees Structure & Course Duration of 
Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

The average fee for this course is 1lakhs to 2 lakhs. The duration of this course is 2 years.

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector Eligibility

10+2 equivalent from Recognized Education Board

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector Course Duration

2 Years

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