Master of Vocation (M.Voc.)

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Master of Vocation (M.Voc.)

About M.Voc

The University Grants Commission (UGC) offers a postgraduate degree program called the Master of Vocation (M.Voc) that focuses on vocation education. The Master of Vocational Education is a program designed to improve vocational education in India over the course of two years. The course's objective is to provide hands-on instruction in professional training that will improve teaching techniques. M.Voc. stands for Master of Vocation, and it is a postgraduate degree that takes two years to complete and focuses on specialized work and industry skill sets. Candidates with a Master of Vocation degree have the chance to acquire professional skills and excel in their preferred field of art and technology. With a Master of vocational education, you can work in hospitality, apparel, interior design, travel and tourism, and other fields. Students should choose M VOC in interior design and M VOC in banking and finance as their most important specializations. Candidates who are interested in M.Voc course they can check this article to know all about this course.

M.Voc. Degree Highlights

Degree NameMaster of Vocation
Eligibility10+2+3 (Bachelor of Vocation)
Duration2 years
Average Fee5,00,000 (Self finance)
Career OpportunitiesInterior Designer, Product Designer, Travel Agent

Advantages of M.Voc.

A master's degree program in vocational studies is known as a Master of Vocation. After earning their M.Voc. program, there are a number of opportunities for professional development. Advance your professional abilities with a Master of Vocation. Either after completing a Bachelor of Vocation degree program or after many years of experience in their chosen field, a person can pursue a Master of Vocation degree. A module in vocational master's programs also gives students the chance to participate in on-site educational opportunities, giving them the best industry expertise.

Types of M.Voc degrees

A Master of Vocation is a two-year program offered by a variety of educational institutions in a variety of artistic and technical fields. Students must have a B.Voc degree in order to enroll in Masters in Vocational Education courses, which are offered in traditional formats. degree in order to enroll in a Master of Vocation program. A career follows a two-year master's in vocational studies. is satisfying. The M.Voc degree can be earned in a number of different fields, including construction, advertising, media, automotive, information and technology, and many more.

M.Voc. Qualifications

The M.Voc. The eligibility requirements are outlined below.

1) To be eligible for M.Voc admission. candidates must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in order to apply for degree programs.

2) The minimum percentage a bachelor's degree holder must have varies from university to university.

3) Students typically need a graduation grade point average of between 50% and 60% to be accepted into Master of Vocation degree programs. For M.Voc, students of any age can apply. admission.

M.Voc. Admissions

Candidates who are interested in pursuing a master's degree in vocational courses must have a bachelor's degree. The M.Voc admission requirements, which vary according to the institution's curriculum, must be met by the applicant.

1) The preferred institution accepts applications both online and in person. If a university has an entrance exam, applicants will need to take the master's in vocational courses admissions test.

2) The entrance exam or merit lists serve as the basis for the selection process. Participants in the group discussions will be chosen from those who meet the criteria.

3) Then, at times, students are required to attend a university's interview session.

4) However, admission to vocational master's programs is typically merit-based. The admission process at these universities is based solely on merit. The entrance exam does not then have to be taken by students.

M.Voc. Courses

A student can enroll in any of the M.Voc. courses after graduation. courses that are related to their field of study for graduation. The best M.Voc are listed below. courses:

M.Voc. Travel & TourismM.Voc. Software Development
M.Voc. Interior DesignM.Voc. Manufacturing Skills
M.Voc. Medical Lab TechnologyM.Voc. Journalism & Mass Communication
M.Voc. AgricultureM.Voc. Photography
M.Voc. Apparel DesignM.Voc. E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
M.Voc. Product DesignM.Voc. Visual Media & Filmmaking
M.Voc. Jewelry DesignM.Voc. Dairy Technology
M.Voc. Beauty Therapy & AestheticsM.Voc. Banking & Finance
M.Voc. Medical Imaging TechnologyM.Voc. Fashion Design
M.Voc. Textile DesignM.Voc. Information Technology
M.Voc. Healthcare ManagementM.Voc. Radio Production
M.Voc. Sales & Marketing

Scope of M.Voc.

After completing a Master of Vocation, there are lucrative career opportunities due to the broad scope of the program. It is one of the best choices for students with a B.Voc. Students can earn a master's degree or continue their education in their chosen field. specialization. They are eligible to enroll in MBA degree programs in addition to Ph.D. programs.

PG Cert Education Master of Business Administration Ph.D. Certification in Computerized Accounting and Financial Decisions Certification in Corporate Communication Master of Vocation - Fee Structure The cost of an M.Voc course varies by college and specialization. At the beginning of each semester or academic year, candidates are required to pay their fees. The fees for some well-known specializations for vocational postgraduate courses are listed in the table below. The M.Voc fee schedule can be found here. Design and Entrepreneurship (Interior Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, and Jewelry Design) at the Jaipur-based ARCH College of Design & Business.

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) course fees

M.Voc. Design & EntrepreneurshipFees
1st Sem.Rs. 252500
2nd Sem.Rs. 167500
3rd Sem.Rs. 192500
4th SemRs. 167500

Careers Opportunities after M.Voc.

Following given career opprtunities are described below for M.Voc course. Candidates who are seeking admission in M.Voc course they must go through description given below.

Depending on their specializations, graduates can find excellent M.Voc jobs in a variety of fields. After earning their Master of Vocation, students can work in a variety of fields. Following vocational postgraduate courses, the following are the top jobs.

Designer of Interiors: Individuals who strive to create elegant and stylish interiors are known as interior designers. They make a beautiful indoor and outdoor environment as well as a beautiful home. In order to meet the needs of their clients, they expertly transform workplaces, restaurants, and other locations.

Designer of Products: Product designers are professionals who create products for businesses. A product designer uses their artistic skills to give a product its final look while keeping its functionality. It is the responsibility of product designers to provide manufacturing teams with cost estimates and drawings in three dimensions.

Agent for Travel: Trips are planned by travel agents based on their clients' requirements and budgets. They keep up with the latest information regarding flight schedules, ticket prices, and hotel booking fees. They look at things like luxury, cleanliness, food safety, and other amenities at hotels and resorts.

Master of Vocation (M.Voc.)

Master of Vocation (M.Voc.)

Master of Vocation (M.Voc.) Eligibility

Passed B.Voc or Bachelor Degree In Relevant Field.

Master of Vocation (M.Voc.) Course Duration

2 Years

Course Type
Type of Course

Post Graduate