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Lovely Professional University is a private university situated in Phagwara, Punjab, India. The university was established in 2005 by Lovely International Trust, under The Lovely Professional University Act, 2005 and started operation in 2006.Lovely Professional University is a

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Lovely Professional University is one of the top University in Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Punjab. Here are the details about Lovely Professional University - Courses, Fees, Placements, cut-off, Ranking, Facilities, and Reviews.

  • Lovely Professional University (LPU Phagwara) is a world-class educational institution in India. It is regarded as one of the top universities in the country and is comparable to IIT in terms of academic excellence. The university's programmes enable students to become future-ready architects of society. Engineering, hotel management, law, pharmacy, and other related programs are offered at LPU. A graduate from this prestigious institution will be able to pursue a career in a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology.

    The library at Lovely Professional University is the biggest and most technologically advanced in the country. Situated in a secluded corner, it has nine floors of shelves containing every imaginable book. The aesthetically designed space provides a calm environment and structured materials that students need to succeed. The library can accommodate more than a thousand students at once, making it one of the most impressive libraries in the country. While the LPU library has a long list of amenities, there are some notable features of this institution worth mentioning.

    LPU's campus has a world-class library. It's the largest private university library in India and is technologically advanced. With its nine floors and tons of shelves, finding a better place to study in the country is hard. The LPU library is so vast that you can easily spend hours there. Moreover, the campus is smoke-free and drug-free.

    Faculty and Facility of Lovely Professional University

    The faculty and facility of Lovely Professional University are among the best in the country. Located in Phagwara, Jalandhar the University has over 8,000 students in total and ranks second in the country among other universities. It offers various courses for people from all educational backgrounds. Apart from a well-equipped library, the university has a reputed sports complex. All of the students of the college are eligible to take part in various competitions.

    The University has three auditoriums with a seating capacity of 350-1000 people. It has a 24-hour hospital and conducts medical camps for the students. Its hostels have high-speed wi-fi connectivity, and students can use the library's IT infrastructure. Also, the campus is a drug-free zone. The institute has made ragging an offense and has a no-tolerance policy for it.

    The university has a 9-story academic resource building and a four-story library. It has more than 150000 books and 4000 digital resources. The campus central library is fully automated with RFID entrance and LIBSYS software. It has a hassle-free issue-return counter and a dedicated employee for student assistance. You can access the library's database by using your computer or a smartphone. All the materials in the library are organized and cataloged in a systematic manner.

    Hostel Life in Lovely Professional University

    A large campus like Lovely Professional University can pose some challenges to students, but the student facilities are still a top priority for the university. The campus features lush greenery, which makes it an ideal study destination. Despite many students, the hostels at the Lovely Professional University are a great place to meet fellow LPU students. LSBU's strict hostel rules prohibit drugs, alcohol, and ragging. Biometric machines and automated gates make security at the campuses easier.

    Apart from providing a comfortable living environment, the LPU campus provides a wide range of facilities. The hostels at LPU are equipped with a laundry service, a cafeteria, printers, and a boys' saloon. The food at LPU is top-notch, and the facilities are good. The faculty at the university is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Moreover, the staff at the university are well-trained and ready to help in any situation. The campus has a lot to offer in terms of infrastructure and services. The dormitory offers students a variety of room types, dining halls, and a 24x7 gymnasium. All the facilities at the LPU Jalandhar campus are clean, modern, and safe, and the student community at LPU is quite friendly and diverse.

  • Lovely Professional-University Mission

    To transform education through academic rigor, practical orientation, and outcome-based teaching. To develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia. To undertake impactful research addressing local, national, and global challenges. To prepare graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills.

  • Lovely Professional-University Vision

    To be a premier academic institution, recognized internationally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research, internationalization, entrepreneurship and leadership.